All You Need to Know Concerning Socks


According to research, a good number of people do not pay necessary attention or put efforts when it comes to socks selection. This makes them wear the wrong materials based on the environment they are in. due to this fact, cracks and smelling feet are the results. Therefore, in order to eliminate this, you need to put extra efforts in trying to understand which type, material or length of socks should be worn for different environments and for how long.

This will help you eliminate cases of cracks, smelly feet or fungi infections. On the other hand, materials, length, and type of socks have a lot of meaning and matters a lot according to Yo Sox. Therefore, there are certain types of Funky Socks for Ladies which have their appropriate time for wearing. Some of these types according to Yo Sox include.

  1. Loafer socks.

These are some of the most common Funky Socks for Women at Yo Sox. They are slip on in size, thin and tight fitting and are commonly worn by ladies with low cut loafers. They are also ideal for low cut shoes and ballerinas. Most loafer fans do not like wearing socks, however, these are the best for them because it is hard to note whether a person has worn socks or not. In addition, they reduce stinking and shoe bites.

  1. Ankle and quarter-length socks.

These are other ideal Yo Socks Funky Socks for ladies. Ankle length is also referred to as low cut socks. They are also ideal for loafers, oxfords, low cut and boat shoes. One of the major benefits of wearing these socks is that they reduce blisters. Know more about socks at

On the other hand, quarter length is a bit longer than ankle socks. They also offer good protection from shoe bites and blisters. They are mostly worn by men on official or professionals dressing. For ladies, they are mostly worn for protection.

  1. Crew and Mid-Calf length socks.

According to YO Sox, crew socks range between six and eight inches are ideal for protection against dust. They also offer perfect look when worn with dresses. They are also worn for outdoor activities during mild cold seasons such as winter. Socks with mid-calf length are longer than crew but they do not cover up the muscles. They are mostly made of heavy materials for warmth provision during winter seasons.

They are also ideal for physical activities. These Yo Sox socks for women provide perfect styling when worn with skirts and dresses. Other socks types include calf length, knee length, and thigh-high socks. Most of these socks provide good styling with dresses and skirts. They are also used during cold winter seasons for warmth.


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